B-SQUAD: Soldiers of Misfortune!

Jean Paul Bombadiere

Jean Paul Bombadiere


A Frenchman with a thick accent. For a long time he worked as an oceanographer, which lead to a serious case of ennui, which led to debt with the Italian Mafia financing his dives. To pay off the debt he became a hitman, but due to his overzealousness on the job and habit of killing more than just the one man on the job he was dismissed and the debts considered paid. His bloodlust lead him  to B-Squad.

He is always smoking a cigarette – it doesn’t matter where he is.

He is not fond of being called anything but JEAN PAUL.


Early Conceptual Sketches from Lauren Monardo


Jean Paul "requests" some financial aid.

Jean Paul “requests” some financial aid.


Jeremy Rathbone's Jean Paul Bombadiere

Jeremy Rathbone’s Jean Paul Bombadiere