B-SQUAD: Soldiers of Misfortune!


There are currently 42 characters planned for B-Squad.

Each issue will feature six characters. After one is killed in an issue, they are replaced in the next issue by a new member from the pool.

Here is a look at the intial six:

BABSBabara “Babs” Munroe – The Fallen Angel

Barbara used to be part of a high profile problem solving team for wealthy clients around the world led by an anonymous billionaire and her ex-lover. She often makes hints that this was in fact the maker of cheap inexpensive wine.

Unfortunately, Barbara was injured in the line of duties and despite being the team leader, the knive scars and injuries she took did et her removed from the group.

Eventually, Barbara let go of the grudge she had, but found herself addicted to not only pain pills, but the action – and joined B-Squad.


JEANJean Paul Bombadiere – The Bloodthirsty Hitman

A Frenchman with a thick accent. For a long time he worked as an oceanographer, which lead to a serious case of ennui, which led to debt with the Italian Mafia financing his dives. To pay off the debt he became a hitman, but due to his overzealousness on the job and habit of killing more than just the one man on the job he was dismissed and the debts considered paid. His bloodlust lead him  to B-Squad.

He is always smoking a cigarette – it doesn’t matter where he is or what he is doing.

He is not fond of being called anything but JEAN PAUL.


MacGoogleMakata “MacGoogle” Wagyu – MacGyver with an iPad

A short, bearded and spectacled Asian man. MacGoogle is known as a technical expert, gifted at solving almost anything. A once proud professor of computer science at UC Berkeley – MacGoogle was credited for coming up with the voice for Siri. He always carries his iPEAR and will google or use apps for solutions to problems facing the group. He is very quiet and seems like he doesn’t pay much attention to the group. He joined B-Squad because it was the most interesting job he found while browsing on Monster.com – in an effort to get his life back on track and make it more interesting.


sullySullivan “Sully” Caliber – The Canadian Magnum P.I.

A tall lanky man, wears a Montreal Expos hat at all times, and has a fairly John Waters looking mustache. Sullivan wear mirrored sunglasses frequently. He often wears sweaters or sweater vests and painfully short shorts.

He’s a very awkward and meek character. He rans his own detective agency and is often rumored to be a sexual predator. He dislikes the tactics of “To Catch A Predator” and feels it is a form of entrapment.


BRODEEBradley “Bro-dee” Schafer – The Wildcard
A world class skim boarder turned thrill seeker.
In 1991, his mother gave birth to Bradley a movie theater showing Point Break and his life was forever pinned to the film.

To seek the ultimate thrills, he joined B-Squad. He is the youngest and the longest surviving member of the current B-Squad crop.

He is afraid of boats and doesn’t like deep water.  Depending on when you ask him he’s either called “Brah-da-lay”, ” Bro-dee”, “Bro-de-lee” or even “Bro-de-lay-he-hoo”


HAMLINSgt. Hadley “The Rookie” Hamlin – The Disgraced Navy Seal

B-Squad’s newest member was a 45 year old active duty Navy Seal. An accomplished marksman and handy with a knife. Speaks multiple languages, can breech a door with a wayward glare. He has a resting heart rate of 30 beats per minute and once lifted a golf cart over his head. He’s overqualified and highly skilled, but there was one problem. He was color-blind and was dismissed from duty.
B-Squad jumped at the chance to replace their previous lost squad-member with Sgt. Hamlin.


Here is a small sampling of some of the “Other 36″:

  • A Grizzled Harlem Globetrotter with small hands
  • A Mute Eskimo
  • A brash drug smuggler that loves to hide drugs.
  • A cat lady who has trained her cats to be trained killers.
  • A peace-loving blacksmith that will not craft anything for violent purposes.
  • Former Knight at Medieval Nights
  • WW2-era OSS female assassin coming out of retirement.
  • A former lingerie model turned big game hunter.
  • A female treasure hunter who has a thing for the dead